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Formal Solutions, 2020

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Curatorship and text: Tal Broitman

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At the center of the exhibition is a project that focuses on modern urban architecture in post-war Germany, with reference to the complex political reality of that historic era. The works featured in the exhibition are a small fraction of an extended archive which Singalovski created; they represent the link between historical-cultural research and contemporary art photography.

Through focusing on architecture and urban landscapes, the project raises political questions about the way in which a historical narrative is anchored, how governments use the public space to express their ideology, and the resulting ramifications for these actions.

Singalovski photographs buildings at night, using long exposure, in dramatic black-and-white and centered compositions that capture the whole structure. He isolates the photographed buildings from their environment and neutralizes “distractions” and interferences, in order to focus the viewer’s gaze on the façade of the architectural object, with its plethora of details against black, opaque skies. This method of photography emphasizes the buildings’ monumentality and plasticity and features them as sculptural presences in the expanse.

December 2020.


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