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Untitled, 2014

Once the construction process is completed, the generic residential building begins undergoing an endless evolutionary process of changes, big and small, constantly performed by the hands and initiative of individuals. These changes transform the concrete structure to a living organism of sorts, which changes and adapts to the needs of the times and the occupants.

The long-exposure nocturnal photography, and the transition to black and white, allow to some extent the isolation of the buildings from their surroundings, eliminate as much as possible all kinds of distractions and disturbances and effectively allow focusing solely on the architectural structure and on its abundance of details.

Untitled (2014-) is an ongoing body of work in which Eli Singalovski is focusing on modern residential architecture from Israel's first three decades of statehood and attempts to examine and raise critical questions regarding the never-ending interaction between the structures and those who inhabit them.

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